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A Letter to my 30 year old self

What advice would you give your 30 year old self?

Thirty is such a pinnacle age. We’re well and truly adults but we still have a lot to learn. We may be experiencing motherhood for the first time, we may be trying to cement our dream career, or we may be dealing with demons from our past.

At 30 I was recently married and was pregnant for the first time. Only three years before I had moved to Sydney from the smaller city of Adelaide.

If I could go back in time and somehow leave a letter Back to the Future-style to my 30 year old self. This is how it would go…

Dear Susie,

By now you are up the duff. You’re glowing and excited and you recently married that French guy – the one whose name you couldn’t pronounce and thought was possibly gay. He’s a keeper. He cooks for you and looks after you when you’re feeling crappy.

He may be driving you nuts with his work hours but he’s the best man in the world and he loves you to bits.

You are going to give birth to a little boy. He’ll be everything you ever imagined, but sadly he’s going to be very sick for the first 12 months of his life.

Susie TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Take him straight to emergency and insist on every test in the hospital until they find out what’s going on. You and your French man come very close to losing that baby boy.

But he will grow up into the most beautiful, clever and talented man. A cross between Hugh Jackman and Frankie Boyle and he’ll make you proud every single day.

As will your next two children, both boys. One sporty, quick-witted and passionate, the other sensitive, sweet and hilarious. Both smarter, more stunning and funnier than you can take credit for.

You will learn to love yoga. Now it seems a strange concept but downward facing dog will become your natural environment.

And that woman.. the one from work. Keep well away. She’s jealous and spiteful and she will bully you and try to take away your sense of self.

You will learn that not everyone is going to like you. I know that sounds shocking to the small town girl in the big smoke. But there are toxic people afoot. Yes “toxic” – it’s a term we love to use this century. And it will take you a long time, a tonne of money a number of psychologists to realise that most people have their own issues.

None of it has anything to do with you, so just be yourself and don’t worry about what others think.

As far as your career. It halts big time with the kids. I know right! I can see that you are pissed off about this one – you’ve worked so hard. But you aren’t a machine. You need to stop beating yourself up about this “having it all” thing that’s being bantered about in 1997.

Just chillax! Oh, yeah, that means relax and chill. I know kinda dumb… but wait until something called Netflix comes along.

And slap on the sunscreen. I know it’s fun to get a tan and you do love lying in the sun. But you will have your first skin cancer at 49 and it runs in the family.

(Oh and don’t drink so much at that work Xmas party. You’ll know the one I mean. And get a dog.)