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We’re over 40 and we’re FINE with it.

We are the first generation of women to go through midlife (or centre stage as we like to call it) with social media at hand. So we may as well use it!

And it’s making a difference! A generation ago women were considered “over the hill” after say 45. They were meant to dress a certain way, act a certain way and menopause was a hidden inconvenience.

Today we have the confidence to make changes in our life – to create our own style, to start a business or change careers, to discuss any topic that affects us – and to be ourselves.

So let’s connect with each other, feel good about ourselves, learn new tips, be inspired, encourage each other on that next challenge and never ever feel invisible!

It’s a FINE time for us to shine!



Hi! I’m Susie, the editor of FA40. I’ve worked in the television industry for many years, I’m mama to three young men, I’m married to a French man, I’ve a sweet dog and a somewhat snobbish cat, and I’m 50.

I love yoga, but I also love a good red. I’m into natural products, but I’m partial to supermarket brands. I love textiles but I can’t sew. I adore a facial but I’ve no patience for manicures. I’m naturally shy but I love a stage, and don’t even start me on politics!

Life isn’t black and white. And we all have our own “stuff”.

But like you I’m passionate about women in centre stage believing in ourselves, sticking together, and never, ever feeling invisible. We’re in it together, with all of our similarities and all of our differences.

At FA40 there are no rules… no ways you SHOULD be after 40.

We’ll discuss a range of topics, encourage, suggest, inspire, but in the end it’s you who is living your life and you who chooses what’s best for you!

Having said that – and especially because this is a brand new platform – I’d love to hear what YOU want to discuss.

Oh one more thing.. our sense of humour can be a little Aussie at times but bear with us. We’ll strive to provide valuable information in an entertaining manner, and a place to connect.

Embrace your Age. We have centre stage.



We're FINE being over 40. We're all grown up... but sometimes we don't feel it. We're the same person we've always been and we don't like to be told how we should dress, act or be! We do like to have a laugh, swap stories, learn and be inspired by each other. Check out our social under So_FineAfter40. xxSus


Jill Jam Jar

Girl, woman, wife, friend, mother and grandmother, very much her own and not much into those titles. She’s noisy. Loves talking with, over and around people she loves or is prepared to like. Hates the rude and shallow. Music and a table still want to see her up there dancing. Hooked on books since AA Milne and Dostoyevsky. Loathes bad television. Reckons she’s a lounge lizard, but that’s just to get back at her claustrophobic mother. Gorgeous.